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Sketchup to Unreal
for Architects Course

As an Architect, you know communicating an idea properly is critical to its success.

Creating compelling spaces people can immerse themselves in is an incredibly valuable skill. That’s why I've created the SketchUp to Unreal Engine Course.

Spending hours creating your solution is not the last step. If you can’t convince your client the solution is the right one, it doesn’t matter how good it is. They're not going to buy into it.


  • You had a great solution and your client rejected the idea.
  • Your idea didn’t spark any excitement with your client.
  • Your failure to sale your idea has lead to more questions.

Would it surprise you to hear the solution to your problem is 3d modeling?

You sell when you communicate your ideas. Sketches and floor plans can only take that so far. Images have the power to move people.

You know this, that’s why you're here. If you can learn to communicate in a compelling manner your ideas will move people to take action.

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    Clients have a good reason for questioning your ideas. Is your sketch telling the complete story? They have a lot of uncertainties and to agree to the first idea with so many unknowns would be foolish.

    You have to address the unknowns. Pre-empt them. Talk about the experience, Not the features.

    You already know the design is great. You know it would have tremendous impact on your clients lives.

    Your natural inclination is to talk about all the great features of your design. “If I point out all the things or areas they are going to get, the number of square feet then surely that will sell my idea.”

    People don’t buy square feet. They buy a space that will enhance their lifestyle. Remember they're buying a result.

    Is that what you’re selling? Chances are you’re selling a sketch or even a cad plan. People don’t buy into diagrams. They want a better version of themselves and you need to paint that picture for them.

    When I learned to create compelling visuals that conveyed my ideas effectively everything changed. Designs were questioned far less than ever before. My ideas were being understood and absorbed during the design phase, leading to far less revisions during other phases.

    I saw what making this part of my process could do. I decided every project would be taken through this stage of design.

    As a result, I can charge more for my designs. I get better, happier clients. And, I’m able to express my ideas and communicate them effectively.